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I had been having an affair with a man at work, my husband and I wanted to go, I begged him not because even though he was unfaithful, I still love him very much, it was just lust, my work finally colluege agreed to stay if I agreed to belt wear cy when it was not me, of course, agreed, not knowing how big and combersome the damn thing. sent to them in the network, which came and adapted to me and locked in place with five blocks, put all the keys, which was around my waist with a belt two inches wide, had two belts of others is not so large, around my legs, with a wide leather strap between the legs, which were of heavy black leather, now most of my clothes livegranny are hipster style, and showed several inches of my skirt or pants, pants all tight pants, pants and crop leg, I showed why I have nothing, except that this monstrous thing strapped to my body, I could not even go to thecorrectly in the bathroom with him. The first day my husband 's friend asked me why I was wering a bridge when it was hot, livegranny I had more bags on top had to hide the established, but it was so hot that I wanted it off, my top rode in the afternoon, the thick black belt around the waist to show and asked what this was, I said I do not know, but he did finally told him the whole story of how my husband found our little getaway and this was the only way he would stay with me, I wanted to see the subject and asked me to show him that was quiet in the afternoon and took me to the storage room, the location of our love, and I spoke with him was as sexy, but I told him do not feel sexy, patted down to what he could, but nowere near my sexy bits, which were heavily covered in thick black leather, but that did not stop stroking them the breasts and everything else that could get their hands livegranny on, even I managed to coI. A few weeks my livegranny husband loves me an egg, one of the wireless remote control, who told me to stick, so I did as he said he then put me in the c band again, instead of placing the lock to her, turned in the egg livegranny and it was like an electric shock which sent shivers through my body, we went on that night still tied shut with egg belt still embedded in my pussy, in the during the night several times again while working helmsman especailly close to me, what I, who know much, but it was never his hard cock in me again, I was so when we got home, asked what did was to take the thing out and catch me, made ​​me wait until the next morning in front of me and gave me what I wanted. There is a positive side, this story never liked livegranny sucking cock, but they have to get the taste, it is the only way to feel that big cock in me, and he has ways of exciting for me, never thought possible, which is onlydo not do is take really, but with so much available sex without penetration, is not so bad, I know that everyone at work I get this because it is impossible to hide, when the weather so hot, most of them I feel for me, but one or two I think is happening to me, what do you think?
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